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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

How To Use Reverse IP Domain Checker Online Tool?

The users will not have to put themselves into any sort of trouble, take special assistance, or acquire any skill set for operating this tool. You can use the reverse IP domain checker by following the simple steps mentioned below:

  • 1. The first step is to access the following webpage by putting it in your web browser:
  • 2. After accessing this page, you’ll see a box where you have to enter the site’s URL on which you wish to conduct a reverse IP domain check.
  • 3. After putting in the URL, the last step is to hit the “Check Reverse IP Domain” button present below the box.
  • 4. In a matter of seconds, the reverse IP domain checker will generate and display the results that will include the IP address of the domain you have entered and the reverse domain names.

About Reverse IP Domain Checker – How It Works?

The reverse IP domain checker on Majestic SEO Tools is the best tool you can find online for executing this task. The smart algorithms of this tool allow everyone to conduct an IP check and find out which other websites are sharing the same web server as their websites’. The advanced technology used in the development of this tool makes sure to find and display all of the domain names associated with the IP address of the user’s entered URL. Let’s find out how this reverse IP lookup is better than other online tools:


Our tool doesn’t want to irritate its users; therefore, it provides results for every query in less than 5 seconds. No other tool can beat the responsiveness of this reverse IP domain checker.

Free of cost:

All of the services, including reverse IP domain tool, are available for free on this online platform. You can start using this tool as soon as you access it without putting into registration and signing up hassles.

No installation:

It’s a web-based tool that allows you to conduct this check on any device without even downloading it. No plugins or software installation is required for using this utility. All you need is an internet connection for accessing this tool.

Unlimited Checks:

There is no restriction on the number of times you can use this reverse IP domain checker on our website. You can conduct unlimited checks with this online service at any time of the day from any corner of the world.

Find Domains Hosted On The Same Server

The reverse IP domain checker helps you in finding out domain names that are hosted on the same server. This information is vital for every webmaster to acquire as it could decide the fortune of a website in this competitive online world. The domains hosted on the same server are provided with limited bandwidth and disk space that might not affect your SEO directly, but it can lead to indirect damages. Many small websites can’t be regarded as low-quality due to the fact that they are hosted on the same server. But still, it’s vital to find out the domains hosted on the same server due to the following reasons:

Slow Loading Speed:

A shared server will not cause the downfall of your site’s ranking on SERP, but the slow load time surely will. Multiple domains hosted on the same server can lead to slowness in a site’s loading time which can become problematic as the slow page speed annoys both visitors and search engines.

Bad Neighborhood:

A bad neighborhood refers to low-quality sites hosted on the same server. If you have a high-quality site, but it is being hosted on a server with a bad neighborhood, then it can hurt your site’s ranking badly.


Which One Is Best? Is Shared Server Or A Dedicated Server?

Selecting a shared or dedicated server for hosting your site depends on a number of factors. After looking into these factors, you can decide which server is the best choice for your site. These factors include:


With a dedicated server, the disk space and bandwidth are entirely allocated to your website, and there is no sharing of resources. Whereas on a shared server, multiple sites are hosted alongside your site, which means your site will be allotted limited resources. If the limit exceeds, you’ll have to pay extra costs.


On a dedicated server, your company will have to bear all the operating costs as no other company is sharing the server with you. But, in a shared server, the costs will be divided upon the number of companies sharing the same server.


With a dedicated server, the chances of viruses, malware, and spyware are a lot fewer as compared to the shared server. The installation of security programs is in the hands of your technical team for a dedicated server. But, on a shared server, the company hosting it will be responsible for the installation of firewalls and security applications.


The technical team of your company has all the control if it is being operated on a dedicated server. Full access to custom options makes things run smoothly on a dedicated server. However, on a shared server, you don’t have any control of the server, and the whole control is in the hands of the server host.