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About Page Authority Checker

Page Authority Is Essential For Healthy Website!

It’s been a while since people started searching on what is PA (Page Authority) and how it affects your website. There can be so many reasons why one should keep on checking PA regularly because of the challenge that comes with similar sites, a challenge where one wants to get a better possibility of being reviewed by a search engine. In order to know that, we have to go through a bunch of SEO tools to make our website rank better on the search engine results page also known as (SERP).

Page authority checker tool was generated by Moz, a tool that notifies about the current rank of a single URL or a specific page. It is essential to know about the current Page Authority of a website that which page requires updating.

Page authority ranks/scores a page out of 100. The better the rank/PA of the page the better will be the probability of appearing in the search engine results page.

Now if you own a website and you are not aware of the page authority of its pages, you should look for a PA checker to check page authority online right away, and start noticing what your mistakes are and what you need to work on. Our website consists of all the necessary tools you will need to improve your SEO if Moz page authority checker scores you less than your expectations.

(Did you know:The PA will get lesser day by day and will reach less than 50 real soon, as there will be no traffic on that specific page because there was no updated content to see or read.)

Want To Perk Up Your Website?

How to increase page authority?

Is this the question, bothering you? You need not worry if you are experiencing any recent de-ranks in page or domain authority, we can provide you with a bunch of tools and information that might help your site to add a lot more to your PA and DA.

Everything begins when you find a domain for your website. The most important part is it needs to have a good page authority, what the site is about, and what type of tools you are using to build a strong base for it. If you are not having good quality and one-of-a-kind content on your website then you might need to work on your on-page SEO which includes using keywords suitably and what to mention and what not to. If your website has backlinks on any other site, then you should be aware of the PA of that website and remove any backlinks from the sites with lower page authority.

What Differentiates Page Authority From Domain Authority?

PA & DA seem similar, but they are not!

Page authority or PA is a metric developed by SEOmoz to let you know about the ranks of the pages on your website. PA informs you about a specific URL or in other words scores one single page out of 100, whereas the Domain Authority (DA) ranks your whole domain which includes all the pages, DA looks at the size and checks for the stature of the entire website. Our Page Authority Checker tool will inform you about DA as well as MozRank.

No Bills Are Required For Page Authority Checker By Majestic SEO Tools

We are happy to bring you the best Page Authority Checker that doesn't cost anything to check your websites, but there is a major difference between other Authority checkers and ours. Some websites ask visitors to sign up when they want to use any tool so that they can keep a record of people visiting their site, here it is entirely free, and you don’t have to sign up.

Page Authority Checker: More Comfortable To Use Than Thought

If you think it is tough to use Page Authority Checker after reading so much about it, well no it’s not difficult to use at all. Once you are on the page, all you have to do is follow these simple steps, and you will have the answers to your questions in an instant:

  • When you are at the Page Authority Checker link you will find a text box as seen in the below picture. Where it says, to enter up to 20 domains which means if you have more than one website you can place the links of all the pages at once to check the Page Authority separated by a space.
  • When you are done typing the URLs of different pages on your website to check the rank, just hit the “Submit” button, in the above image, only one URL has been used to find the status, and don’t forget to write http:// because it is necessary.
  • For the Infraction of seconds you will be given results containing the Page Authority and DA score and will also find the MOZrank of the website which is scored from 1 to 20. The below image is an example of how results will be displayed when you hit the “Submit” button:

Where DA represents Domain Authority and PA as Page Authority along with the Mozrank and IP address of the site also where it is located. There is a “more info” column as you can see in the above image will give you two options, one is Google Indexed pages, and the other will be Google Cached Pages by clicking on view pages you will be taken to another tab where you will be shown a search made using the URL of your site on Google, by clicking on the view Cache you will be shown a snap of cached version of the site at the time it you clicked view cache.