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About Keyword Density Checker

The keyword density checker by Majestic SEO Tools is a handy tool for marketers to use to calculate the keyword density of any given web page. This is important as too many keywords can result in google penalizing the website.

This tool allows you to analyze either a whole website or a sing web page. To calculate keyword density, divide the number of times a keyword is used by the total number of words, then multiply by 100.

The keyword density tool does more than calculate keyword density, it checks for and analyzes the top keywords used on the page or text, and shows you the following metrics:

  • The total number of keywords on that page or site.
  • The Keyword Density Analysis Tool examines the density of keywords or phrases used in a piece of content, including the frequency and percentage of usage. This is broken down into one-word keywords, two-word keywords, and three-word keywords.

This type of analysis allows you to see the proportion and number of keywords used in your content.

How To Use Keyword Density Checker By Majestic SEO Tools?

To use our free online keyword density checker tool is as easy as just clicking two buttons in two simple steps:

Step - 1: On this page (, where you are right now, enter the URL of the page you want to analyze.

Step - 2: Click on the “Submit” button to check the total keywords.

Once you have finished that, our keyword density analyzer will go and get all of the keyword data from your website. Also, don't forget that you can use this tool to look at not just your own web pages, but those of your competition as well to see what they are doing correctly.

After checking your keyword density, it may show that your target keywords appear either too low or too high. If this is the case, you should revise the content on your web pages.

Is Keyword Density Best Practices For SEO?

Keyword density is an important part of search engine optimization. It is the percentage of times a keyword appears on a website different from the total number of words on the site or page.

The first question that many people ask is whether keyword density affects ranking.

Well, there is no evidence that keyword density affects ranking from Google or any other major search engine. However, a page cannot be ranked for a keyword if that keyword does not appear on the page.

What Is The Best Keyword Density For Better Ranking?

There is no single, magic number of keywords that will guarantee better ranking in search engines. However, including relevant keywords in your content can help your site rank better on search engine results pages.

But if your article has a high density of keywords, it is more likely to be considered spam. Most SEO professionals typically maintain a keyword density of 1-2%.

You can use this free keyword density analyzer to see how often certain keywords appear in your text if you're worried about using them too much.

How Can I Use Target Keywords On Blog Posts?

One way to make sure your target keywords are included in your SEO strategy is to mention them naturally in the on-page body of your text. You can also add them to the Meta Title, Meta Description and the first line of your article, the H1 Tag, and possibly the URL.